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Ireland and Belgium have a powerful and historical relationship stretching back many years. The earliest relations have been documented as far back as the 7th century. Unfortunately, this relationship isn’t always widely known.

Today, the link between Belgium and Ireland still exists and continues to grow. For example: did you know that Belgium is one of Ireland’s biggest export markets and that the Irish community living and working in Belgium continues to grow? This growing market benefits both our economies and welfare. Beleire aims to maintain, elaborate and develop these strong corporate and economic relationships between the two countries.

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Our patrons

Under the motto “New beginnings, new support”, we are proud to present the 2 new patrons of beleire. To strengthen the ties between Ireland and Belgium, Ambassador of Ireland to Belgium, Ms. Helena Nolan, and Ambassador of Belgium to Ireland, Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw, have agreed to support beleire and all its activities.

As an official welcome, both Ambassadors opened The beleire Innovation Seminar on November 23rd, 2017.