“The first Heverlee beer I ever tasted was in a restaurant in Dublin. It felt weird for me, drinking a Belgian beer in Ireland. The man behind Heverlee beer is Joris Brams, born in Belgium. Not only is he the man behind this successful new brand, but he is also the board director of Irish-based C&C Group, known for its major cider and beer brands all over the world.”

– Guy Ooms, president of beleire


Joris Brams’ entrepreneurial story is the perfect way to kick off beleire 2019. During the event, he will share how it feels to lead an Irish company, launch a Belgian beer brand and even how to do business in the USA. The ideal story for beleire fans, the Belgian-Irish business community in Belgium. Guy Ooms, president of beleire, will also shortly take the floor before networking starts. Our patron - Irish Ambassador to Belgium Helena Nolan - will be present as well. The event is free for beleire members and fans (invitation only). Register today!

Bel Annual Meeting Icons 02

Practical information

  • Date: Tuesday February 5th, 2019
  • Subject: Annual Drink, including an interesting speaker and the world-famous Belgian Beerballs
  • Location: The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe