Thank you for joining The beleire Innovation Seminar!

The beleire-team proudly presents our first Annual Seminar, where we offer insightful discussions on how to be competitive while being compliant.

The event took place on November 23rd 2017. We are very happy to announce that the location of the seminar will be the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, a perfect location to celebrate the cultural and corporate similarities between Belgium and Ireland.

Special thanks to Irish Ambassador to Belgium Helena Nolan and Belgian Ambassador to Ireland Pierre-Emmanuel De Bauw for opening the seminar and welcoming you during our reception. Special thanks to our  keynote speaker Peter Van Hees for his futuristic guided tour through the world of technology and innovations.

Take a look at some of our beautiful pictures (by Mastershoot) and relive The beleire Innovation Seminar! 

Recap of the Seminar

The seminar started with a plenary session in which Peter van Hees offered insight in how technology has affected our lives in a business environment. During the interactive breakout sessions, we went further into detail on the topic that interested our guests most. Each session was led by an expert in that specific area.  Finally, we closed the day with a panel debate, a tasty dinner and a networking opportunity.

Special thanks to our speakers: