The world is constantly changing, making us continuously adapt our business strategy. Brexit, Catalonia, Trump: they might be far removed from our personal lives, but we will all feel the impact. And no one knows what the outcome will be yet.

Peter Clancy, one of our own beleire members, will be moderating the interactive Social Disruption breakout on The beleire Innovation Seminar on November 23rd, 2017. Born in Ireland and living in Belgium, Peter runs his own business (3Quence) which helps companies to make smarter estimates. He has been following the Brexit campaign closely and will enlighten you on the world of Brexit and attempt to interpret what you need to know about the future of your business – with your input of course.

Do you want to stay ahead of politics and make your business future proof? Join Peter at The beleire Innovation Seminar and subscribe to the interactive Social Disruptions session!

We will be talking about the following subjects:

  • Social disruption
  • Brexit
  • Catalonia
  • Trump (or is it Melania?)
  • EU under pressure?

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Peter Clancy